Pet dogs are like household to many of us, but for this dog in China, his owner suggests the globe to him.

The three-year-old gold retriever named Mao is seen refusing to leave his owner’s bedside while the man uses a ventilator to sleep.

Mr Shao from main China’s Henan district, who deals with high blood pressure and heart disease, stated his dedicated pooch would stand by and supervise him whenever he placed on the device.

Mr Shao, 56, was encouraged by his doctor to use a ventilator while resting to stop sudden cardiac arrest.

When the man placed on the device for the very first time, he was amazed to see his gold retriever running towards his bedside to stay close by, apparently securing him in case of emergency situation.

In the video footage shot by the owner, the canine is seen laying his directly Mr Shao’s breast, declining to leave the man.

‘ Mao Mao, do not fret. I’m alright. You can go,’ the proprietor claimed, attempting to pressing away the golden retriever that remained still.

‘ Whenever I place on the ventilator, the canine seems to have actually sensed something, like he understands I’m sick,’ Mr Shao informed press reporters.

‘ He would just get up when I wake up,’ the proprietor added. ‘I have actually never seen such a smart pet dog. He’s not my real family members yet he resembles one.’

The clip, recorded in the city of Xinxiang in Henan last April, became trending on Chinese social networks this week as well as touched the hearts of millions.

One commenter wheezed: ‘Canines know whatever like people! They are absolutely our household.’

One more dog proprietor shared their similar experience: ‘When I get sick, my pet dog would certainly constantly remain beside me. It refuses to consume and looks so stressed, actually heart-warming!’

Recently, a committed pet dog in Turkey shot to popularity after she adhered to an ambulance lugging her sick proprietor to health center and waited outside for 6 days till they were ultimately reunited.

Loyal pet Boncuk, which means bead, bounded after the rescue that took her owner Cemal Senturk to a healthcare facility in the Black Sea city of Trabzon when he became unhealthy on January 14.

‘ Mao Mao, do not stress. You can go,’ the owner claimed, trying to pushing away the gold retriever who continued to be still.

‘ He would only obtain up when I wake up,’ the proprietor added. ‘I’ve never ever seen such a clever pet dog.


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