To stop a dog from barking at too much would require him to not bark in the first place. Or at least have him bark sparingly so that he understands that it’s not okay to bark too much. That’s pretty easy to do if you are consistent with your commands, right? Wrong. Dogs need more than just one command to understand. They need to be able to comprehend several at the same time. Otherwise, it’s really hard to stop a dog from barking for hours. The only way to learn to stop dog from barking constantly is to teach him his actions are not acceptable.

What should you do?

A few tricks would be enough to stop a dog from barking, right? Right! The first one is an alternative to a bark. That’s actually a command that can be issued in lieu of a bark. I’m sure most of us know one.

To stop a dog from barking, it’s best to command a behavior once and not to issue another command when he displays the behavior. This is not at all complicated. You can use it for the command of the non-acceptable behavior.

The best time to use this alternative command is when the dog is showing the unacceptable behavior. This is also very effective if the dog is barking at the dogs in the neighborhood, when he feels that the neighbors are barking at him, or just when he feels the urge to bark to release some pent up energy. It’s an alternative that you can issue just to command him to stop barking and do it in a non-committal way. That’s all! No need to use a special word to command him!

It’s really that simple to use it to stop a dog from barking from that sense that he doesn’t bark at all, whenever he wants to. There’s no need to use the alternative word, for the command of barking, when he will try to bark the wrong thing.

As mentioned, the commands of barking are very simple to use, and you can use them as many times as you want to train your dog not to bark too much. When you finish, command him to behave by giving the alternative command, and don’t be surprised if he obeys you right away!

But it’s important to be very consistent with the commands and the behavior to stop barking in the first place. Dogs can’t grasp many of the same things at the same time, that’s why it’s good to train him a lot. And you can train him most effectively by using this alternative command when he doesn’t want to bark.


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