I spruce up the dog the manner I acknowledge looks ideal which will be the appropriate length up until their next consultation. The client must establish a relationship and rely on their groomer. Count on that every little thing is getting done that need to be done. They need to also be happy with the proper grooming of their dog at each check out. If they aren’t happy, then I am not happy. And if I’m not happy, then my dog isn’t happy. As a pet owner, you must trust your groomers to take good care of your dog. You must be happy with the care they provide to you and your dog. And, you must let them know that you trust them to do the job properly.

To begin, you must be able to communicate to your groomer how much you trust them to take care of your dog and what they should expect. Trust must be earned. If they aren’t able to do your dog, then you shouldn’t put them in charge of your dog. I have been a client of Groomers many times and the first Groomer I groomed still has my loyalty, health, and most of all, my dog. I trust that he will groom your dog correctly and do it the next time I see him. If I don’t trust him, then I definitely don’t trust him as Pet Parent of my dog.

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I must also consider how your dog was groomed. It must have been a proper, long, hot, hot bath. I have found that if I am not happy with what my groomer does in the hot tub, when I’m at my home, I will find someone else to groom my dog because I won’t trust my groomer to give me the care that I expect in the “heat of the moment.”

As you can see, trust, communication, and honesty are the three key ingredients to being happy with any professional who will provide dog grooming services. And I hope to earn your trust and honesty by showing you how to be happy with the grooming I do do on my dog at my home and the trust and honesty I gain by showing you the grooming I do at my home. Now if I can only convince my dog to sit still long enough for me to do what I started…


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