You may find it easy to crate train your dog when he’s a puppy, but when he becomes a full grown dog it can get a bit more difficult. Your dog’s natural instincts are such that he will not soil the place he is in. But you must remember that this is not just your dog, so he must learn this as well. It can be done, but it will take some time and practice.

But before you begin crate training your dog, make sure you know what is going on. It’s common for your dog to try to eliminate where he sleeps or eats. So you must take him outside immediately after waking up or just after doing his business.

Make sure you take him out in a place that will not annoy you and is also quiet, in order to eliminate the excessive noise of the opening and closing doors, and the rustle of the fabric. Then you may have to let him out again to go potty. If this happens too much, you can try to take him out in the middle of the night.

Crate training a dog is all about making him believe that the crate is not dirty or dangerous. This is actually a very simple trick to learn. But you have to keep in mind that he must believe that going to the bathroom in the crate is okay.

Your dog must not be allowed to wander around and sniff around the crate if he’s in there. He must sleep in the crate or the whole house will smell like pee. So make sure to take him out every hour to potty. It is also recommended that you carry him to the crate to be checked over and groomed so he will like it. When he loves it, you may take him outside to go potty.

Don’t give your dog free rein inside the crate, else he may ruin the whole crate, as he may chew on it. You may have to close the door while he’s inside. This way, he won’t chew on the door while he’s out and loose, and he will learn that the crate is only for elimination.


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