Why You Should Go to a Dog Groomer!

You should groom your dog in a manner that will make your dog feel comfortable until their next dog groomer visit. You should have trust in your groomer. Every proper grooming procedure that has to be done is being done correctly.

It was not hard to find a groomer to take our dog. One was not readily available for two dog visits. We did not want the hassle and spent the money at a local grooming shop. The shop had a couple of dogs for sale. We picked one up. The dog was a little shy at first and when the groomer went to give grooming instructions the dog looked at him and nodded.

The groomer told the dog to sit and he did. The dog groomer gave them a rubdown, shampoo and a brushing. The dog was then let outside and went right to a tree to stretch out. At length the dog groomer went to the dog and gave them another brush and shampooing instructions. Then the dog groomer brought the dog back inside and had their bath. The dog was a little nervous at first so was massaged and given a gentle rubdown. After bath the dog was relaxed and allowed to go on a leash around the back yard. The dog did a few quick turns and went home.

The next visit was at our groomer’s office. The dog was not so relaxed in the first call at all, but after being called over a few times, the dog relaxed and listened to the groomer. He was then let loose and wandered around the yard and back into another room and relaxed again. The groomer then gave a good rubdown and then a shampoo and grooming instructions. He was then let out and went home. This went on for several calls and then the next stop was the nearest vet. It was a short visit.

Our dog was well groomed and seemed happy. We did not have to pay any grooming fees, but were glad we did. The vet told us the dog had not got any parasite infestations and that he was otherwise in good health. It was only about $45. The dog was happy and was able to stay indoors for a couple of hours without any problem.

If your dog is a puppy, it is recommended that you go to a groomer when you first bring your dog in, in a while after he has settled in. It was a good start.


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